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Devi’s Ratham – A Chariot of Love  

Devipuram is a refreshing balm to frayed nerves. Nestle in the bosom of the mother.


Devipuram, located in the picturesque outskirts of the south-eastern Indian port city of Vishakhapatnam, is the Mother Goddesses’ home - a temple of learning for all of us. But learning what? The Mother through her direct presence energizes in each of the visitors/residents the Shakti of love, allowing us to experience the beauty of oneness.


Devipuram has been attracting thousands of visitors every year from India and abroad. From its initial almost isolated beginnings, the area is recently showing rapid development. The price of land has gone up significantly and is attracting investment in real estate/commerce from local entrepreneurs. While development of this area is beneficial, it needs to be done carefully and in a systematic way that preserves the intrinsic harmonious roots of the area. In other words, we don’t want this to be a “commercial complex” but an outgrowth of inner love that maintains the natural surrounding of peace and joy.


With direct blessings from the Goddess herself, and with help of reputed architects, we have recently put together a plan for developing a Ratham (or Chariot) of Love around Devipuram. The description of this plan is provided below. If you would like to participate, or would like more information, please contact:




Aerial View Pictures of Devipuram

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Own A Cottage Here


You can choose to own a cottage, C1, C2 or C3, in Devipuram Village

·        C1 = Cottages with own compound walls

·        C2 = Cottages with one compound wall for 8 units

·        C3 = Cottages - row houses

Cottage Type C1:  Sixteen in number. 1050sft each @ Rs 6.75 lakhs.

Cost Breakdown: Deposit 3L + 1.0L Corpus + Monthly 10 installments of Rs. 25K+ & generator and transformer Rs. 25 K.

Cottage Type C2: Thirty-Two in number. 800sft each @ Rs 4.65 lakhs.

Cost Breakdown: Deposit 2.25L  + 0.75 L Corpus + Monthly 10 installments x Rs15k + generator Rs.15K

Cottage Type C3: One-hundred-eight in number.  525sft each @ Rs 2.85lakhs.

Cost Breakdown: Deposit 1.25L+0.5L Corpus + Monthly 10 installments of Rs10k + generator Rs.10K

Registration charges will be extra for all categories


·        Corpus is for Maintenance of Common areas and Facilities

·        Construction will be completed in a year for every 30 units booked


Some Specifications


The Ratham with the Temple in the Center (Click on the image above for an enlarged view)

C1: 1050sft Tiles floor- Main door Teak- Other flush-Door, window frames Sal-Wood- Front elevation and decorative roof

C2: 800sft Tiles floor- Main Door Teak- Other flush-Door, window frames Sal-Wood

C3: 525sft Mosaic floor- Flush Door- Door, window frames Sal-Wood

Landscaping, Metal roads, Street lighting (builder's responsibility)

Facilities to be provided out of Corpus fund:

1. Hotel

2. Grocery & General Stores

3. Hair-cutting saloon

4. Laundry
5. Medical shop. Built to be given on lease- rent for 5 years.