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Sri Vidya Mantras



Recite all mantras for 5 min each.  


Aim Hrim Srim – Aim Klim Souh – Hamsah Sivah Soham- Hasakhaphrem- Hasakshamalavarayum Hasoum – Sahakshamalavarayim Sahouh –

Svaroopa Niroopana Hetave Sva Gurave –

Sri Anna Poornamba Sahita Sri Amritananda Natha

Sri Guru Sri Padukam Poojayami Tarpayami Namah


Keep palms covering ears to top of head.



Om – Srim – Hrim – Klim – Gloum – Gam –

Ganapataye Vara Varada – Sarva Janam Me Vasham Aanaya Svaha


Sit with your weight on up turned palms



Om – Srim – Hrim – Klim – Aim – Soum –

Saravana Bhavaaya Namah


Keep palms on genitals



Aim - Hrim - Klim Chamundayai – Vichche  

Keep palms on sides of navel not covering it



Kleem Krishnaaya Govindaaya Gopijana Vallabhaaya Svaaha

Keep palms on two sides of front chest


Om Hreem Dram Dattatreya Hare Krishna

Unmattaananda Dayaka -  Digambara  Mune Baala Pisacha Jnaana Saagara – Dram Hrim Om  


Keep palms on front and back of neck, think of stars


Om Hreem Houm Namah Sivaaya

Keep palms on front and back of forehead, think of Siva Linga



Ka e I la Hreem – Ha sa ka ha la Hreem – Sa ka la Hreem   Keep palms on genitals

Aim Kleem Souh Souh Kleem Aim

Keep palms on yoni

Procedures for doing mantra japa

1.    Guru: Imagine Guru’s feet on top of your head, washing them and bathing in the waters. That purifies you and invokes grace. Best done as soon as you get up before getting up from bed.

2.    Ganapati. There are eight bijas separated by hyphens. With each bija imagine a ball of light going down the spine to hit and penetrate the earth. This unlocks the Sushumna channel, grounds you and removes obstacles. If you recite the bijas slowly and aloud, it becomes pranayama of short breathing in and long exhaling. You will feel heat in the base chakra.

3.    Subrahmanya: For best results, press on genital area exerting a light comfortable pressure.

4.     Chandi: This circulates energy to heart centre. “Aim” is  at the cervix, “Hreem” is at left nipple, Kleem is at right nipple, Chaamundayai is at navel, and Vichche is at clitoris. Keep circulating awareness in these centers to a slow chant of beejas. It is natural to feel sexual arousal and or a release. Offer the pleasure to Goddess in you.

5.     Krishna: Alternate between the two nipples as you utter the beejas. The attitude is of surrender of ego to Krishna and embracing life.

6.    Datta: Communications center is the neck where entire attention should be placed. Imagine waves after waves of sounds of beejas going out to infinite distances, to the very edge of cosmos and returning as echoes.

7.    Siva: Imagine a laser beam shooting out of your third eye giving life by emitting nectar OR setting fire to any evil you see with your third eye open.

8.    Panchadasi: Srishti-entry, Sthiti-being, Laya-withdrawal. It is the mantra of union between Siva- universal Male and Shakti- universal female archetypes.

9.    Baala:  It is the strength of the Goddess. “Aim” is on tip of the tongue, “Kleem” is placed on the nipples, and “Souh” is placed on the clit. The energy moves up and down among these spots, making clear the divine plan for you, nurturing it and manifesting it through you.

General tips: Goddess and Guru are in and with you. Have no fear. Do what you like. Don’t have more than three ideas to execute at a time. Prioritize them. See them through to the end.

Click here to download Sri Vidya Mantra file mp3 format